I wanted to make a post about how you can effectively use coconut oil and can improve your life for the better! I have used most of these and have fallen in love with them. I won’t go back to using store bought products unless I am out of coconut oil.

1)  Shaving

Instead of using shaving cream or gel to help shave, try using coconut oil. Coconut oil will allow your hairs to stand straight up, making it easy to catch hairs and help razors glide smoothly across the skin.

2) DIY Scrub for Exfoliating

One of the best ways to allow your skin to absorb the coconut oil is to make your own DIY Scrub. Stay tuned on for a post on our recipes of favorite DIY scrubs to use while in the bath.

3) Makeup Remover

Instead of using makeup wipes, micellar water, makeup remover, or whatever you may use to remove your makeup, try using coconut oil to remove your makeup. Coconut oil is super heavy duty at removing all your makeup, even eye makeup.

4) Body Moisturizer

Instead of using lotions that are sometimes full of fragrances and mineral oils (which aren’t the best for your skin), use coconut oil. Coconut oil is the best for deeply moisturizing dry skin.

5) Deep Conditioner

In need of a moisturizing way to treat your hair?  If you are out of deep conditioner, try using coconut oil. If you have deep conditioner, try pairing it with coconut oil. Both will leave your hair very manageable and moisturized.

6) Cooking

Coconut oil is also good to cook with. It’s a healthy alternative to vegetable oil and butter.  Use it to saute, when trying to melt chocolate, or to make your own homemade salad dressing.

7) Mothers and Babies

Coconut oil is also helpful for new mothers and newborns. It soothes sore nipples from breastfeeding and natural ache of the breast during and after giving birth, and to get rid of belly stretch marks. It is a great diaper rash healer for babies and safe to use on delicate baby skin.

8) Makeup Brush Cleaner

The best way to clean your brushes is with homemade products. Check out our post about how to do that here. In that post, I discuss that you can use olive oil to clean your brushes. You also can use coconut oil. Melt your coconut oil and it is ready to use for cleaning your brushes!


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