Hi Curls!

I wanted to give you a post about some myths that I have come across since being natural. These assumptions/myths have been brought to my attention from a variety of different people (i.e. naturals, men, chemically permed women, etc). For a while, a lot of these I believe to be true until I educated myself on what it really meant to transition to your hair’s natural state. Here are the 10 myths with the actual truths, I came up with that are quite honestly the most annoying assumptions to me and should be researched before assuming.

Myth #1: Being natural is expensive.

Truth: Your hair is able to survive on just the basics. You are able to use basic products found around your home to give your hair the things it needs. If someone tells you being natural is expensive, it is a choice that they chose to take when spending money on countless amounts of products. I personally do not mind spending money on products, but I am a product junkie. The less you use, the better. Natural and organic always win. Here are things you can find around the house to successfully accomplish a healthy hair routine:

  • Shampoo: Apple Cider Vinegar, Castile Soap*, Black African Soap, Baking Soda
  • Conditioner: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avacado
  • Deep Conditioner: (Same as conditioner, but leave on for longer period of time)
  • Treatment: Eggs and/or Mayonaise

*Castile Soap: a multi-use soap that is made with olive oil and sodium hydroxide. It is a very good, organic alternative to anything you normally use soap for (e.g. washing clothes, washing dishes, brushing teeth, body wash). Something everyone should keep on hand in their household.

Myth #2: I have to cut all my hair off to go natural.

Truth: You are reading a blog post from a transitioner, herself. I honestly could not fathom doing the big chop, just to go natural. I probably would not be natural today, if that was the case. I have a fear of my head being extremely too big if I cut my hair shorter, so I transitioned. I believe, just as hard as it is to transition, it is also to be patient with growing out your hair from a big chop. Transitioning is a definitely an alternative to the big chop. The struggle of transitioning is the care and also patience. You have to be delicate with the differences of textures (permed hair and new growth). Those differences will cause your hair to feel horrible and unhealthy, but everything can’t be easy, right?

Myth #3: Natural hair is not for me.

Truth: How can something that naturally grows out of your head not for you? This is a systematic ideology that society has given us to have self-hate for our own naturally grown hair.

Myth #4: I don’t have good hair.

Truth: Good hair means HEALTHY hair. Good hair has nothing to do with texture or curl type/pattern.

Myth #5: Natural hair is unmanageable.

Truth: Natural hair is totally manageable. Natural hair can be unmanageable if isn’t healthy.

Myth #6: The more you trim the more it grows.

Truth: Don’t allow anyone to tell you that cutting your hair will promote hair growth. Trimming your hair helps get rid of any dead hair and split ends.

Myth #7: Stay away from heat.

Truth: Heat can be damaging, don’t get me wrong. It shouldn’t be used extensively by no means. But, using heat has its benefits. You are able to use heat to help deep conditioners better penetrate the hair shaft. Heat used in moderation can be okay and useful for the hair, so it is not completely harmless.

Myth #8: The best way to ensure healthy hair natural is to regularly visit a salon.

Truth: Another myth that can get you wasting a lot of your money. I always tell women who are interested in going natural that if you aren’t dedicated, don’t even start the process. You need to be able to educate yourself about your hair and be able to do it yourself. Sometimes having natural hair can be unpredictable, and you aren’t always able to pop up at the salon to fix your hair problems for that day. Being self-sufficient is the good way to go!

Myth #9: The more you wash your hair the more it dries your hair out.

Truth: Water is actually moisturizing for your hair. The products you use are what dries your hair out. Sulfates, parabens, silicones and others are contributors to drying the hair out.

Myth #10: Your hair needs to stay greased.

Truth: Grease is awful! Grease is full of mineral oil, which is what petroleum jelly is made of. Mineral oil can clog the pores preventing from any nutrients that your hair needs from penetrating the hair shaft. Use oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or argan oil to help fight any dryness your hair may be having.


Have you heard any of these myths?
Do you agree with them?
Do you have any myths you would like to debunk?
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