I started my August favorites post not realizing that August would go by THIS fast! I am amazed at how quickly the year is moving. Life literally passes you by while you are enjoying it. Things have been great this month. I’ve gotten new experiences, new opportunities, and new possibilities for the future. I am excited to tell you guys, but just wait, I’m going to tell you my favorites for the month. Look forward to telling you all my updates in this month’s inspiration section!

Soooo.. Greenleaf is back! I am so siked about Greenleaf.
Greenleaf on Wednesdays on OWN

I pretty much watch Love & HipHop when I’m bored. I’m just really over the show in general. I guess I’m growing up, ha!
I also found out that How To Get Away With Murder is returning the end of Sept! I’m so SIKED! That is my all time favorite show.


So, I had no idea about this movie until I went to see Girls Trip and it was a movie that was previewed. I don’t know why this movie wasn’t pushed or advertised as much, well actually I do. The topic is very controversial, especially regarding the current state of our country.

I have fallen back in love with two products I use to style my hair.

ORS Defining Creme


ORS Curl Boosting Jelly

This duo is great for protective styles, and it was my go to for my wash-and-go, when my hair did act right. Super inexpensive! Sally Beauty was having a BOGO of the ORS brand, so it was a definite buy! Click the links to see my reviews on each product.

Although this particular favorite came out the end of the month, August was a dry month. No one was really releasing music. I was pretty depressed, wishing for more music! Then, August 25 came and Daniel Caesar blessed our ears! I definitely can say my favorite is Best Part (ft. H.E.R.).

Daniel Caesar | Freudian

Sadly enough, I could not think of any beauty product favorites for this month. Here are some products I am trying and am still deciding if I love them or not. Watch for reviews of each.

  1. Origins Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion 
    • I wanted to try a dermabrasion of some kind. I didn’t really know what a dermabrasion was initially, but I have educated myself on what the benefits are. I currently am trying it out and will follow up with a review on how I like it!
  2. Benefit Cosmetics Radiant Skincare Line
    • I heard a lot about different products from this line, so I decided to just bet this mini set to try all of them to see which I liked specifically. The most popular are the: It’s Potent! Eye Cream and Dream Screen Invisible Silky-Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen. So, we will see how I like them all.

I have finally finished up Questions for Ada by Ijeoma Umebinyuo. It was one of my thicker poetry books. I also haven’t been having much time to dedicate to reading, but I have been making time at like doctor’s appointments and off days. It is a great read, very empowering. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite amongst the self-love, black woman empowering books I’ve read, but great nonetheless!

This month has been one for the books, definitely. If you read my Favorites from July, you know that my inspiration moving forward was my job and a new opportunity that I had. Well, I am excited to say I promoted to Marketing Supervisor! I am so happy and humbled to be in this position. I was super siked when I officially got offered the position, and things have been moving fast ever since. I have been searching for someone to get my old position and doing new supervisor things I never thought I’d be doing at this point in my life. Everything is a great experience, and I’m really happy I’m in the place I am in right now.