In honor of Black History Month, we are so excited to be introducing our newest blog series, “Cultivating Our Curls: Growing Our Knowledge by Learning Our Roots”. My goal is to teach you about some historical BLACK figures, some you know and some you may not know. I also will recommend any known material to help further your research on these individuals. This series is going to expand your knowledge of our black history, and by that will make you more aware of the issues of the past and how they are still relevant issues of today. Each day during the month of February, there will be a new leader and a brief summary of their relevance in history.

You can find each post here on this page as they are added daily.

Don’t forget to share with your fellow Curls, so that they will be informed as well! We want to broaden and make sure our community is gaining as much knowledge as we can! Too much knowledge is never enough!


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