Are you new to the Natural hair world? Need to know your hair type? Here is a guide to get you started!




Since most probably don’t have Type 1- Straight Hair, we will skip past it and start with Type 2- Wavy Hair.

Type 2 – Wavy Hair

Type 2 hair is broadly called the wavy type hair, typically have elongated “S” patterns and shapes. The curl is the loosest between all the types.

  • 2A – This wavy hair type typically is fine and thinner than the rest in this category. It is the easiest the handle and manage when styling, with the least chance of frizz
  • 2B – This wavy hair type is medium in thickness. It is not as easily managed as 2A, and is more prone to frizz.
  • 2C- This wavy hair type is the thickest among them all. This hair type typically is frizzy most of the time and is the hardest the style and keep styles.

Type 3 – Curls

Type 3 hair is known as the curly hair type, tightly curled “S” patterns and shapes. The curl is the defined, ringlets. Climate hits this curl type harder than Type 2 and causes more frizz.

  • 3A- This curly hair type typically can be a good blend of 2C and can look similar. The curls are more defined than 2c, which are naturally big and loose.
  • 3B- In 3B type hair, the curls become defined and coily. These are more described as bouncy curls that are shaped like tight corkscrews. These curls are prone to frizz and climate changes.
  • 3C- This hair type is the thickest and the hardest to manage. The curls are the most defined, is more coiled and a lot of strands are densely packed together (which creates more knots and tangles). Frizz occurs almost instantly after styling, while styling is difficult to maintain.

Type 4 – Kinky Coils

Type 4 hair is known as the thickest and the kinkiest of all the types. The curl is defined but very subtle and have a more “Z” shape and pattern.  These curls are more known for coils. This hair type tends to be the most fragile and more prone to damage. Type 4 hair is the driest of all types and requires the most attention.

  • 4A – This hair type typically is very similar to 3C but has a more kinkier texture. Type 3 hair has more elongated curls, but type 4A curls tend to have more shrinkage and shape forms an afro. Hair tends to be very frizzy most of the time and more prone to changing in climate changes.
  • 4B – In this type, the hair tends to have a good blend of textures. The curls are just as visible like 4A, but kinkier and frizzy. The curls also visibly appear as sharp “Z” patterns thoroughly.
  • 4C – In this kinky hair type, the curls are less visible but are more coily. This hair type is the most fragile and prone to tangles, damaging if not cared for with gentle hands. Dryness occurs the most and needs the most attention.


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