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In this month’s “Dealing With It” post, I will be talking about the year of 2016. I think everyone can agree that it was a little rough year. A lot has happened to us personally and collectively. If you read my last “Dealing With It” post, you know that I had a major setback with going to graduate school and what exactly my future entails. So with this month’s post, I wanted to reflect on this year. I tried thinking of ways to do this. Should I go by each month and complain about the horrid things that happened that month? Should I talk about all of the positives that have happened throughout the year? Instead, I decided to talk about 12 lessons I have learned to take with me into the new year. The lessons I give you will hopefully stick in your mind. I want you to learn from my mistakes, regardless of my story or your story behind that lesson.

Lesson 1:

When you stop expecting things, you stop getting disappointed.
Don’t expect anyone to care about your birthday. Don’t expect anyone to remember the specifics about you. Don’t expect anyone to care.Learn how to enjoy yourself alone.

Lesson 2:

Be careful who you give your loyalty to.

Lesson 3:

Be very observant of the people in your surroundings. Don’t let every single person you meet in.

Lesson 4:

Be comfortable with yourself and don’t seek validation from anyone.

Lesson 5:

Be your own resource. Learn or try to do all things alone before seeking help. Educate yourself and be well-rounded on your craft.

Lesson 6:

Be selective with your friends. Not everyone is for your good but for their own good.

Lesson 7:

Being helpful is great but don’t be too helpful that it hurts you in the end. Don’t be too willing to teach about your craft that it hurts your business.

Lesson 8:

It is okay to be selfish, sometimes. Self-love is the most important type of love.

Lesson 9:

Remember your purpose. Don’t allow society to deter you from what you are here to do.

Lesson 10:

Always have a backup plan to your backup plan. Be ready to face any obstacles that may be thrown at you.

Lesson 11:

It is okay to cry, but pick yourself back up. No one can be there for yourself more than you can.

Lesson 12:

Be ready for drastic life changes.


Everyone learned something from 2016. I hope these lessons help you through the new year. I will definitely start to live by each of these lessons along with others.

Do you have a lesson you want to share?
Did the lessons I mention help you?
Did you have a similar lesson to mine?
If so, let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading Curls!