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This month’s “Dealing with it” post will discuss America and the recent new changes that have come in today’s society. As all of you know, Donald Trump has won the election. So what does this mean for minorities, in particular, BLACK America? I am pretty sure you have seen plenty of videos and read plenty of articles about this subject. I won’t patronize you, bore you, or even speak on what’s next. The “Dealing with it” topics are to help with the problem and how to deal with it.

The election overall was laughable in my opinion. The things Trump would speak of opinion, and the representation of sexism, misogyny, bigotry, and racism contradicts that America has moved forward to be a true “Post-Racial” society. Black America and most minorities feel defeated and unmotivated about the numbers that represented itself on election night.

What do we do next? How do we deal with all of these mixed emotions?

I know for the first week after, I was NOT in the mood for anything. I didn’t go to some of my classes. Every little thing bothered me, and I just was over everything at that point. You guys know I suffer from anxiety and depression, and that requires me to do a lot of self-reflection and time to myself to get my mental and emotional state on track. Keeping TRUE love ones around you and uplifting one another is also especially important.

What exactly is self-reflection?
Self-reflection is the meditation of one’s motives, mission, purpose, values, actions, and character. It helps you get focused, back on track with life. This idea of self-reflection is hard to obtain sometimes. I really struggle with this because self-reflection often brings motivation and inspiration, and that motivation comes from SELF and not from anywhere else. This self-reflection helps you understand your purpose during these times. Although I can’t help you on how to successfully achieve self-reflection, I hope and believe the idea will push you towards finding a way to.

I will give you ways that help me ease my mind and help self-reflect.

  • Painting
  • Blogging out my stresses and feelings (Mainly the reason for my “Dealing with it” posts)
  • Music, music, and more MUSIC!
  • Surrounding myself with GREAT positive people
  • God and prayer (last but the greatest reliever)

Being the creative person I am, I love creativity outlets, and those are what bring out my happiness and the ability to self-reflect. Find things you love to do, that make you happy and help you relax. Those will be the things that will help you self-reflect.

After you learn how to self-reflect, you can realize your purpose, why you exist, and God’s plan for you. All of this helps maintain a HEALTHY emotional and mental mindset. So instead of worrying about what President-elect Donald Trump has in store for our country, see how you can fight social injustices, mass incarceration, and racism in America. Think of all of the positives, what’s headed for your future, and how you can change or adapt to it!


I hope this post helped most of you. We are all we have now. And we have to keep sane and mentally prepared for anything. Keep your prayers at an all high and know that you are here to make a difference!

Do you have a story you want to share?
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What do you think of the subject discussed in this post?
Did this advice help you?
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