February was interesting, to say the least. I directed most of my focus on it being Black History Month and other exciting things for the blog. The biggest obstacle for me in February was a steady progression. I am afraid of becoming stagnant at anything in life. After moving home with my parents, I was still in search of a job to get things off on the right foot. Although, I may not have had an exciting month. I do have some favorites, and I hope you can love them too!

Milk & Honey by Rapi Kaur

This book is absolutely amazing. It is a must have for every woman to keep as a reference for anything revolving around self-reflection or self-love. Dealing with a breakup or just not feeling it? It is perfect for inspiration and motivation like any book ever I have ever read before. The author is working on a second book, and I can’t wait until it’s out!

Hidden Figures

Another gain for black women! Hidden Figures tells a story of three black women and their contributions to NASA during their time. There were key figures to getting John Glenn to orbit the earth in 1962, and this movie tells their story.

Mario Badescu Drying Cream
is the perfect acne spot treatment for all types of acne. It will dry out cystic/under the surface acne and any whiteheads too! Although the instructions say to rub in completely, I use it for a spot treatment and that works best for me. You should use it as you wish. I can rely on it most of the time, and it will visibly reduce the appearance of pimples overnight.

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Coconut Oil is literally the ultimate oil. I can’t get enough this oil! My hair has become reliant on this oil and will not do right without it. I will forever use this oil for any beauty related.

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Lifesavers Gummies Collusions

Lifesavers Gummies Collusions were my biggest food craving for this month. I found myself purchasing these more than anything else.


Darkskin | Jayd Ink


Black History

Black History, this year, has inspired me more than ever before. I didn’t grow up with very culturally deprived family. All I was ever taught was what was taught in school. The last black history program I remember going to was in 4th grade. When I made the decision to take African American classes in college, I went in with an open mind. I was very grateful for all the insightful information I learned while in college. I do plan to continue my education in African American studies when I do go back to get my masters. I also want to extend my knowledge to others, which is why I presented a leader each day throughout the month. I think it is extremely important to know about your ancestor and history as a black person.