It’s 2017, and I really feel like I shouldn’t be making a post about this. But, I still think it’s necessary because not everyone completely knows all that is to know about feminine hygiene. And that is okay! I wish brands weren’t such liars when it comes to marketing to their audience. Nonetheless, I think it is important that I educate my beauties on feminine hygiene.

I want to give 6 important tips on what to do and what not to do in regards to your beautiful body. It is important that to keep it beautiful and clean that we must take the necessary precautions to keep things in the natural cycle of the body, in which it naturally takes care of itself.


Fragrance is your worst enemy.
Most people don’t know this, but you are NOT to put anything that contains fragrance or is a fragrance near your feminine area. This is literally one of the WORST things you could do to freshen things up. Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ that doesn’t need any artificial ingredients near it. If you have problems with odors, you should consult your doctor for possible reasons why you have an odor.

Stop using “Feminine Products”
If you read my last tip, you know why you shouldn’t be using feminine products. Feminine products like Summer’s Eve, Vagisil, and the list continues are NOT good for feminine health. They make claims to be great for your pH and don’t disrupt your feminine cleaning system. All that good stuff. But, it does exactly the opposite. I know I grew up thinking this stuff was safe because everybody used it. Even mom said it was okay! No! I personally used Summer’s Eve wipes, vaginal spray, and feminine wash. Well, let me tell you, it all has fragrances in it. You ever notice products with non-natural scents like “Summer Breeze” or “Tropical Sunset” or whatever else they come up with? Well, that is your key that 9 times out of 10, it is made up of fragrances. I honestly use Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes that has no fragrances in the ingredients and have hardly any ingredients. Also, another alternative I would go for if I had the accessibility to them are Honest Co. Baby Wipes. I trust the Honest Co. brand because they provide all natural and organic products. You do not want to use any feminine washes. Those are absolutely harsh as well. Some things that claim to help your feminine problems, actually make it worse.

Body Wash
So, I use to love my Olay White Strawberry Outlast Body Wash. I still do, but I won’t wash my feminine area with it. Your body and skin can take harsh products rather than your feminine area can. Women who experience a lot of odors, yeast infections, or urinary tract infections, really need to understand this section. Body Washes are nearly guaranteed to have fragrances in them. Not all of them of course, but there are a select few that are made of natural ingredients. After finding all this out, I have completely ditched all body washes. I now only use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps. They are 100% natural and organic soaps that you can use for anything. They are completely safe to use in the feminine area as well.

Be careful with your Tampons/Pads
Sometimes avoiding these things are inevitable. I think this section is one of them. The pads we use are literally the worst. You ever feel like when you are on your period, the smell is horrendous? Or the way your body bleeds is different than it used to be? Well, that last one could be multiple things, but the smell definitely shouldn’t be horrendous. When your period waste hits the pad/tampon, it combines with all those nice chemicals that are in the pad/tampon. Yes, I said chemicals. Most pads/tampons are BLEACHED to get it to be so white. Sounds awesome, huh? I had the pleasure of trying Honest Co. pads., and I wrote an interesting post about it here. Although I would love to continue to purchase Honest Co. pads, I just don’t have the luxury of purchasing them at my local Walmart or Target as some of you may.

Yeast Infections and Urinary Tract Infections
Yeast infections are very common. A lot more common than women think. There probably won’t be anyone who will never have one in their life. And there are milder cases than others, so sometimes they can go unrecognized to the extreme with long-term damage. I had to find out what a yeast infection was the hard way. It is good to research symptoms of yeast infections. Practicing good feminine health helps prevent yeast infections and also helps them go away faster. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are something even new to me. I have never been treated for a UTI or believe I ever had one for certain. UTIs can actually come from numerous things: sex, unhealthy hygiene, unhealthy diet, etc. It often happens when some sort of bacteria has found its way into your bladder or any urinary organ. UTIs are pretty dangerous if not solved sooner rather than later. The infection can reach kidneys and cause long-term damage as well.

Now we are all grown, and I should have to have a section about this. But, I think it is necessary that I briefly touch on it since we are talking about feminine hygiene. Ladies, please be smart about your health. I feel that this is pretty obvious, but just be safe and use protection when and if you are having sex. Obviously, if you are married or in a serious committed relationship, but be sure that HE is being safe while you are using no protection. These guys can be side-eye worthy sometimes. I’m not saying don’t trust your man, but I am saying protect yourself at all costs.


I know this may have sounded like an Honest Co. sponsored post, but I haven’t gotten that popular yet to get sponsored posts. This is my honest advice for anyone who needs it. I am not a doctor or physician. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor or physician.

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