So, I finally took the gamble and bought the ONYX Box. I also found a coupon code that allowed me to get two boxes for the price of one. So I got the July ONYX Box, along with their Spa Day box. ONYX Boxes retail for $25/ monthly. I would also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for when they are offering multiple boxes for the price of one. They have them pretty frequently, being this isn’t the first time I have seen a buy one get one promo code from them. They always pop up on Facebook as an ad for me, and I have been tempted ever since. This time, both were different boxes and I said, “Why not?”.

Each monthly box contains products that could range from makeup, skincare, body care, and hair care.

What’s in the box?

In my July box, I got a little of each.

In each box, you get a little info card that explains what’s in your box and a description of each product. I will just list everything on the card. So if you are interested in the box, you can get the full scope of what to expect.

“It is always hotter in July and everyone deserves to feel pretty. #StevieSaid We’ve curated an ONYXBOX filled with passion, enough for miles away. You see what we did there? Pack light, stay hydrated and keep your Onyx goodies on deck. #ONYXPassionFruit -The ONYX Team”

Pacifica – Intensely  Moisturizing Body Butter
This vegan, paraben-free moisturizer cuts through the ash to leave your skin supple to the touch.

Oils of the World – Illuminating Super Serum with Passion Fruit – $30
Your face deserves to shine as bright as the sun. Add a pump of this light serum to your makeup prep to brighten and nurture your melanin.

They did not mention anything about the Long Aid Naturals Curling Jelly. Instead, there was a description of another skin care product, that I did not receive? So, I don’t know how there was mishap there.

Laritzy – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick ($24) and Creamy Lip Pencil ($18) in Deep Orchid.

Switches of the lip products are below.

The liquid lipstick was a little sheer for my liking. I could see while swatching that to get the coverage I would like, I would have to layer the product. Sometimes with liquid lipsticks that may cause it to crumble, but stay tuned for a detailed review.

The lip pencil was lighter than the actual liquid lipstick. They are supposed to be the same color, but from my experience lip pencils tend to be darker than the lipstick. Nonetheless, very pretty colors for Summer!

The Spa Box didn’t have the same little info card. So, I will just list what was included after I did research on each brand and found prices of each product:

Herb’n eden– Activated Charcoal – $6
Made with all natural ingredients for quality skin care

Naked Beaute – Exfoliating Facial Scrub in Calendula & Cranberry

Cocoa Butter Mothers – Land & Sea Detoxifying  Mud Masque – $18

Erin’s Faces – Rose Quench Serum –  $60
For all skin types. Made with rose water

PurpleTale – 5 Steps to Lovely Skin – $8
Complete facial Solution

My First Impressions Review:

I wasn’t overly impressed with the July Onyx Box. I think one way they can make the box better, in my opinion, is by getting profiles from their subscribers. For example, I have oily skin so I don’t typically use oils on my face. If they would’ve asked a beauty profile questionnaire before shipping the box, I probably wouldn’t have received the oil because it’s not a preference of mine. Although I will say, I haven’t used it YET, so I may end up loving it. My first impression is I wouldn’t purchase most of these products in the store. The Long Aid Brand is on the cheaper, lower quality side. Most of their products are inexpensive, but I have never foreseen it to be a brand I would use. For a box that is $25, I expected more out of the monthly box. I don’t foresee myself paying $25 dollars for one box if I continuously got these type of products.

The Spa Box was my favorite out of the two. I felt like I could really use all of the products, and the products are more versatile for all skin types. They were all natural products. I feel they are all gentle enough for sensitive skin. I was so excited when I saw the activated charcoal bar! I have really been working towards minimalistic skincare and this could be a great cleansing bar to try. Although I was pretty excited about the products, I don’t know if they all were collectively worth $25, genuinely for me. I know I probably sound like the cheapest person, but I also am a savvy shopper. I will spend whatever I want on things that I think has value to me and my lifestyle. All of these products are new brands on my radar, which could be my fault that I don’t know about these brands. I have certain problems with products like the Rose Quench Serum, that claims to be worth $60, but I couldn’t get the pump to work until after a little fixing on it and its only 1 oz.  But who knows! I may end up loving this serum, and it will be the end of my life if I have to pay $60 for it. Jesus FIX IT!

My opinions are really subjective since I haven’t used any of the products yet. I wanted to give my readers an insight of what the ONYX Box has to offer them if considering purchasing. Stay tuned to reviews on all the products!

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