Welcome, Curls! We got a secret vault post for you! Here are some natural remedies you can use in your daily day-to-day routines to help with different problems you may be having.

These are good herbal alternatives if you are trying to stir away from taking those prescription medicines with horrible side effects. Some you may know, and some that may be new to you.

There are a few that are in the red, which means if you are pregnant stir away from using them as they may cause more harm than good.

  • black tea: soothes sunburns, and is antimicrobial, contains some essential polyphenols and tannin, reduces puffiness/inflammation
  • green tea: antioxidant and detoxifier, soothes rashes, increases healing rate, softens skin, heals sores and wounds, rejuvenates skin cells, improve psoriasis and dandruff, anti-aging, mood stabilizing
  • apple cider vinegar: anti-inflammatory and softens skin
  • ground ginger: increases circulation, promotes sweating, opens pores, relieves pain
  • lemon: antioxidant (brightens skin)
  • olive oil: moisturizes skin
  • calendula flowers: soothes burns, inflammation, rashes, insect bites, skin disorders, useful for small children
  • elder-flowers: anti-inflammatory and heals rashes cuts and wounds
  • Himalayan salt: soothes insect bites, heals blisters, relieves arthritis pain, softens skin
  • oatmeal: soothes, anti-inflammatory, calms angry skin
  • rose petals: relaxes the mind, reduce sleepiness, ease headaches and stress, promote positive feelings
  • valerian root: relaxes the mind, relieve sleepiness, soothe headaches and stress
  • lavender: relaxes the mind, alleviate sleepiness, relieve headaches and stress
  • mugwort: relaxes the mind, relieve sleepiness, soothe headaches and stress
  • chamomile: soothes nerves, good for dry skin
  • passion flower: soothes nerves
  • hops: soothes nerves
  • rosemary: pain relief, soothes headaches and fatigue, relaxing, increases alertness and clarity of mind, soothes a sore throat
  • thyme: pain relief, soothes headaches and fatigue
  • devils claw: eases joint pain
  • juniper berries: soothes muscle aches
  • peppermint: increase blood flow, relieve congestion
  • eucalyptus: increase blood flow, relieve congestion increases energy
  • thyme: increase blood flow, relieve congestion
  • jasmine: emollient and antiseptic, soothes skin
  • organic coconut flakes: nourish the skin
  • sage: uplifting, good for oily skin and back acne, stimulating
  • marjoram: decongestant, soothes muscle pain
  • whole cow’s milk: hydrates and mildly exfoliates skin
  • cow’s buttermilk: hydrates and thoroughly exfoliates skin
  • goat’s milk: thoroughly hydrates and exfoliates skin, provides nutrients


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