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When wearing makeup, sometimes we forget some precautions we NEED to take to make sure bacteria doesn’t spread. Consistently using dirty makeup brushes can cause one major problem: acne breakouts. Sometimes, we use makeup to hide our imperfections, but if makeup is the reason we are getting acne it doesn’t help the problem. Also if you don’t’ clean your brushes of all that built up makeup, your brushes may not be as effective because its caked with old makeup. Cleaning makeup brushes can be time-consuming, but they’re good as new when cleaned. To figure out how often you should clean them, I came up with a schedule (based off research online.)

Although most sources say, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, and even daily, I came up with a schedule based off of how often you wear makeup.

Beauty Expert : Wearing Makeup Everyday (7 days a week) – You should clean your makeup brushes every week. You typically rely on makeup as an everyday routine. In this case, there would be more bacterial within your brushes than any other typical makeup wearer. If time is on your side, try cleaning them daily. It will make applying your makeup easier because the lack of built up makeup within the brushes.

Feeling Cute : Wearing Makeup Every Other Day (3-5 days in a week) – I am this type of beauty. I wear make up when I want to enhance my overall look or when I am going to work. She could be a Beauty Expert but rather have days off from makeup. She wouldn’t mind showing her natural beauty and not relying on makeup and having it as a daily routine.  In this case, the brushes should be cleaned on preference. I clean mine bi-weekly if I haven’t touched makeup enough to clean every week. I may even clean a week and a half in. At the most, the brushes should be clean bi-weekly.

Just a little : Wearing Basics Daily (Varies) –  This type of beauty would normally just wear the basics every day. A little powder here or eyeliner there. She doesn’t have a specific routine. If there is a special occasion, she would wear a full face of make up. In this case, I recommend that the brushes be cleaned bi-weekly. At the most, the brushes should be cleaned every month.

Naturally Beauty : Wearing Makeup Occasionally (Once a week and/or Only on Special Occasions) – I recommend that washing your brushes bi-weekly would be smart. Although you don’t wear makeup often, dust may accumulate on the brushes and cause even more dirt. At the most, this beauty should wash every month.

Now that we have when you should clean your brushes down, I want to discuss techniques and products to use when cleaning your brushes.

Things you will need to clean your brushes effectively:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – keeps your brushes soft
  • Antibacterial Soap – kills any possible bacterial that may have attached to dirt
  • 2 or 3 Reusable or Disposable Bowls
  • Warm Water
  • An angled dry area for brushes (I use a book.)
  • Paper towel or hand towel
  • Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Palette (optional)

Step 1: Finding your cleaning place

This step is the hardest for me. I rather do the cleaning at my vanity because its comfortable and has a chair, but I think its smart to do it in the kitchen or bathroom. This stops you from walking back and forth for more water and emptying out dirty water.

Step 2: Setting up your station

You will need all of what was listed above. Place a small amount of warm water in one bowl. A mixture of olive oil and antibacterial soap needs to placed in the other bowl. This will be what you’ll use to clean the brushes. I normally use a large third bowl to empty out dirty water afterwards. This is when your cleaning station isn’t at the bathroom or kitchen, so you won’t have to constantly walk back and forth.

Step 3: Get to Cleaning

First, you will dip the brushes in the soap/oil mixture making sure the brush’s bristles are covered in the mixture. Next, the brushes needs to be swirled in the warm water until no dirt is visibly coming out of the brush. Therefore, you may have to repeatedly dip the brushes in the mixture and swirl them in the water until you are confident they are clean. This can be tedious but it’s effective. Remember to not turn the brushes to the water because it may loosen the glue of the brush and ruin the brush. Clean the brush at a downward angle to prevent that from happening. Lastly, remove any excess water by pressing the bristles until no dirty water remains. If you have a brush cleaner like the one I linked above, it makes it so much easier and faster. Using the bumps on the palette, you swirl while pressing. This gives the brush a deep clean and gets the bristles clean faster than just using your hands.

Step 4: Drying

To dry the brushes, you must have an angled area so that the brushes dry at a down slope. This also prevents the glue from the brush to loosen. It also is important that you do not dry the brush angled up as well. I usually use a book to line the brushes along the spine and it allows it to dry correctly.  The brushes should be placed on a paper towel or hand towel for access water that may remain. Give a full 24 hours to make sure the brushes are completely dry. The more dense of the brush, the longer it takes to dry.

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/gyanyankovich/this-is-how-often-you-should-actually-wash-your-make-up-brus#.mw2JzXKO4

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