I know, super late for July favorites. But I’m trying to be honest and forthcoming about what I like for the previous month because I don’t want to just throw a post together. I want it to be completely honest. So, July was a great month for me. I really am getting the groove of things at work, but also big changes are happening at work. My Supervisor took a position at another location but she will be moving up the ladder. It is a great opportunity for her but also puts me in a place where I have to do ALL of her work and mine. I definitely am grateful for the opportunity to grow so fast and prove I can even do her job. I won’t get too deep in it because I will talk about everything in my “Month’s Inspiration” section. Besides work, nothing really is exciting happening in my life. But, what is new? Hopefully, this month’s favorites isn’t too boring for you.

So, I’m struggling with television shows. I currently don’t have cable, but I have access to watch any show I want to. I just need recommendations! Here’s what I’m watching currently:

  • World of Dance on NBC, every Tuesday
    • Almost the end of the season. I really love how things are going on the show. Excited to see who is the big winner
  • The Carmichael Show on NBC, every Wednesday
    • Super sad this is the last season of this show due to conflicts with the network
  • Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood on VH1
  • Basketball Wives on VH1

This month’s beauty product was really hard to choose. I really couldn’t think of a specific product that I was really loving and stood out during July. I have purchased new facial products from TJMaxx (I mean, when don’t I purchase stuff from TJMaxx.) I don’t want to mention any as a favorite because I’m still really testing them to see if I see differences in my skin and overall performance.

Favorite music is always a tough category for me. The artists below are in my music rotation almost all the time. They really are my top artists right now:

  • SZA
    • You should know about this goddess by now. I featured her album in a previous favorites post. My favorite of hers right now is, “The Weekend”, but really her entire “CTRL” album is the jam.
  • Berhana
    • Berhana is someone I came across while listing to Daniel Ceasar, I believe. He was a recommendation on Apple Music. I listened to “Janet”, and I’ve been hooked since. “Janet”, “Wade Green”, & “Grey Luh”. I have also featured him and his album on a favorite previously.
  • dvsn
    • dvsn is my husband, and he just doesn’t know it yet. His voice is a panty dropper. I really love all of his music. His voice is very controlled and ranged, it’s amazing. And he also is Drake’s artist, so I think that says a lot.
  • Roy Woods
    • When I heard “Drama”, I thought Roy Woods was trash from then out. I had a friend to play his entire “Waking at Dawn” album, and I was pretty sold. That has been my favorite of his and really the only music I’ve liked of his.
  • NAO
    • NAO was an artist someone else played at an event, and I was impressed. Her range and vocals are like no other. So 90s, eclectic and just gives a different vibe to R&B.
  • SiR
    • Another amazing voice I came across on Apple Music. His voice reminds me of BJ The Chicago Kid, but a tad bit less rich than BJ’s voice. My absolute favorite is “Love You” from his “Seven Souls” album. I really hope he comes up with more music

Mielle Organics Almond Mint Oil was a life saver for the month of July. I finally got crochet braids for the first time. No, I didn’t take pictures because I wasn’t really completely satisfied with the outcome, and I only kept them in for 1 week. Either, my braids were too tight or the hair irritated my scalp. So, they had to come out. But during that week, this oil was the go to! My scalp was super dry to start with and the mint cooling feeling helped with the irritation I was experiencing. To read the full review on this product, click here.

Girls Trip was a big staple movie to go see in July. With legendary actors, Regina Hall, Jada Pickett- Smith, and Queen Latifah and newcomer  Tiffany Haddish, it was a must-see. The movie was beyond hilarious but also had meaning behind each of their stories. I don’t want to tell it all, but I definitely think it is a must-see for a good laugh and also inspiration.

Since I’ve been so busy with work, I really haven’t had a chance to read Questions for Ada by Ijeoma Umebinyuo, any more than I did last month. So, it is the current book I am reading. It’s a pretty thick book, so I will probably try to finish it up this month or early next. I am most excited about the author of “Milk & Honey” pre-releasing her “sequel” to “Milk & Honey” in October. Rupi Kaur’s “The Sun and Her Flowers” will be releasing October 3. So, I have already pre-ordered and will be excited when I receive that!

This month’s inspiration pertains to my career. I have been at my current job for over 4 months now, it feels like forever! Since then, I have been trained so well and prepared. I have learned so much in these 4 months that I’m very grateful for. Some of which, I can carry over to this blog and help it grow and flourish. But importantly, I have a possible opportunity to move up to a Supervisor position. It was very scary at first. Mostly, it is scary because I have only been working there for 4 months. I am still new to everything. But I also feel weirdly confident in myself, I have so much faith in God that I don’t worry about it anymore. I believe this is God’s way of making me “uncomfortable” so I can grow and not be stagnant. I like to think I am an advanced learner, and I really catch on fast. So if this is his way of making things greater for me, I need to take the opportunity that I am given it. Hopefully next month, I’ll be telling you I got the job!