June was overall interesting, some good and some bad. Everything is moving so fast, especially the time. But time does not wait on no one! I have been trying to think of new and creative things to do for the blog and I feel like I’ve been in the biggest mental block since my last depression. I have been feeling a little creative, but not nearly as creative as I normally am. But I had some exciting things happen during June, so let’s talk about favorites then we can talk about my June inspiration.

Attack on Titan Season 2 (I was super late and didn’t realize it was on Hulu. The Finale was this month)
World of Dance on Tuesdays on NBC
The Carmichael Show on Wednesdays on NBC

I still need more shows to watch! Leave me suggestions on what you are currently watching in the comment section below!

You guys know I absolutely love music and it’s always hard choosing favorite songs. I may just change this to “What I’m Listening To” because this section is too stressful to narrow down. It’s so many I could name!

I came across this unique artist just browsing through Apple Music, and I absolutely love his music. I wish he had more, but this album is his only work of art he has out currently.

Berhana | Berhana

Also because I been popping my “ass” (funny I know) lately, I really have been liking 2-Chains’ new album.

2-Chains | Pretty Girls Like Trap Music

I have really been grateful for my BED. I know typical, lazy girl answer, but I really use to take sleep and enjoying it for granted. I’m a night owl, so If I can stay up all night, I will. Lately, work has really been wearing on me, so I been sleeping in when I can. And frustrating enough, I have been taking naps. I absolutely hate naps when I have to work the next day; it messes up my body clock sometimes.

I may be changing this category soon as well. I’ve noticed this month, that I may not have too many “favorites” per say but more so “things I’m watching or things I’m currently liking/loving”. I think “favorite” is a strong word in my vocabulary. I don’t like using it loosely.  So I didn’t have any favorite movies, but I really LOVED this movie I seen on Netflix called “Deuces”, featuring Larnez Tate, Meagan Good,  Lance Gross, and more. Please go check it out. Larnez Tate looks so good in that movie, Jesus!

Formula 10.0.06 Keep Your Cool Gel Mask has been a life savor. If you read my past favorites, you know I have been using prescribed face creams for my acne and dark marks Those creams have really dried out certain areas of my face. Being that I have oily skin, I didn’t really have anything hydrating enough for my skin. I had this hiding behind a million other products and I decided to give it another try. It completely rejuvenated my skin and removed all my dark patches. This product was a  big favorite for me this month

Click here to read the full review of the Formula 10.0.06 Keep Your Cool Gel Mask

I changed this category from “Favorite Book” to “Book Currently Reading” because I think it fits better. I don’t read THAT many books in a month. Although I wish I had to spare time to do so, I will start mentioning books I am currently reading instead.


Still finishing up
soft magic. by Upile Chisala

I have started reading
Questions for Ada by Ijeoma Umebinyuo





Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard is the perfect gel for the maximum hold. I can really depend on this to keep my protective styles in place regardless of the possible weather conditions. Although its a little messy, it’s perfect for protective styles

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So, this month’s inspiration is solely on bettering this blog. I had the opportunity to attend a “Community Influencer Meeting”, where I met other influencers in the area. I was super excited to be in the same atmosphere with people who are working to get things started with their blogs but also people who really have been successful writers. They were super inspiring and gave us confidence in establishing a community of influencers who support each other. I really gave me SO much inspiration on how I can make this blog 10x better and progress from here!