After having a weird skin breakout, I am unsure why or how my skin started to breakout. I am beginning to think it was just some stress factors like moving back home along with hormones that have contributed to it. Normally, I am able to find a great product or products that help solve the problem. This particular time, my skin isn’t quite jumping back like it was. I care a lot about my skin’s health and appearance so I decided to do a search for a dermatologist. I went for my annual check up with my primary doctor, and I asked for his opinion on any referred dermatologist. He referred me to Magnolia Dermatology in Clinton, MS. The thing about specialist doctors, they are harder to find within your insurance network. This doctor was not in network with my insurance, so I was hesitant in spending the full price for a visit. My insurance requires me to pay $55 for a specialist, so I could only imagine how much it would be without insurance. I went searching more to see if I could find doctors that are in network with my insurance. I was able to find a dermatology clinic full of doctors who are in network with my provider. BUT, they are so booked up that I couldn’t get one nearly as soon as I wanted. So I took a gamble and decided to go with the recommended dermatologist because they were way flexible with scheduling and I was able to get an appointment in no time!

I have never visited a dermatologist before so it was a new experience for me. The clinic was nice and clean and had a very friendly staff. I waited about 10 minutes after finishing my new patient paperwork. The assistant asked me several questions: how long have I been having issues, what do I use daily on my skin, what’s my skin type, etc. When the doctor came in, she immediately introduced herself and gave me a handshake. She proceeded to look at my problem areas which is my cheek/jawline and my back. She made comments on the type of acne I was dealing with and her ideas on what’s going on with my skin. Her comments were: my facial acne is likely to be hormones due to my age, and my back acne is old acne that has left some scarring. She recommended that I use a few products they have in their office, along with some prescription products: Epiduo, Aczone, and Doxycycline Hyclate. Epiduo and Aczone are both cremes that you apply to the skin. Doxycycline Hyclate is a pill that I will take. The pill is primarily for my back acne, and I will be applying both to my face. The products were definitely not cheap. With insurance, the Doxycycline Hyclate was $45 (and it is the generic of the actual brand name). The Epiduo and Aczone were $70 all together for a three month’s supply. I decided not to purchase the products they recommended in the office and go with the cheaper alternative she gave, which was the Cetaphil Dermacontrol for Acne Foam Wash and Moisturizer. I will have a check-up with her in three months. I will record my progress and journey! I plan to use my blog updates as my logs of my journey. Below are images of my face a few days after this visit. I hope to see improvements in my skin. I’m excited about this journey, and thank you for being with me while I go!


There is my skin a little while before going to the dermatologist.