Hi, Curls!

I recently came across a new shop to me called, Thred Up. Thred Up is an online consignment shop, where women can purchase items from clothing to handbags. They also offer children’s clothing as well. The first time I purchased with them, I was able to get 40% off my purchase. I spent roughly $35 on three items: a GAP wool dress, J.Crew blouse, and Ann Taylor LOFT skirt.

All of the items featured on the website are of familiar, popular brands. They even have very high-end brands like Coach, Michael Kors, and Neiman Marcus. The website tells you the condition of the clothing and material of the clothing. You have 14 days to return anything if you are not liking the quality or condition. My second purchase from Thred Up was two shirts: an American Apparel Denim shirt and a Forever21 blouse. That purchase totaled roughly $22, and I was given another coupon for 10% off. They both had original tags on them, so my guess is they weren’t worn before.

My overall experience with Thred Up has been very positive. I am a big believer in thrift stores & consignment shops. I was skeptical but intrigued by the online thrift shop since I am more comfortable with seeing the clothing in person to determine the quality. I was taking a gamble by trusting that they would uphold their word with the clothing’s condition, and I believe they did a great job. I also can say shipping was fast as well. They process orders and ship out on weekends, which is always a plus since I tend to shop on weekends. If you have the product in your cart, they will reserve that item for you; just in case, someone tries to buy that item. I really love that feature because it ensures you are able to purchase what you intend to purchase while you continue to shop.

My only concern is their selection is not always the best. I do understand that is out of their control since their supply comes from consumers. But they will have at least one item you would be willing to buy each time you browse the site. They also don’t currently offer men’s clothing, but they do have boy’s clothing. You also can sell your unwanted clothing (clearly, that’s how they get their inventory) by “cleaning out” your closet.

I love that Thred Up offers a great twist to consignment clothing. I personally love thrift stores and some of my favorite clothing are thrift store finds! I hope with this online shop and physical thrift stores, we are able to re-think the idea of “hammy downs” or “second-hand” clothing.

To start you off, I have $10 off by clicking the link below. I hope you enjoy your Thred Up experience as much as I did!

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