Review: Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

$5.97/ 12 fl. oz. (Prices vary on where the product is purchased.).
@ Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Target  (Also found at other stores)


How it claims to work:

Award Winning formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft for an intense treatment to repair and replenish over-processed, damaged hair. Made with pure shea butter and formulated without harsh ingredients.


  • Restores & strengthens dry, damaged hair
  • Great for over-processed hair
  • Increases hair elasticity for reduced breakage


I was trying to get on the Cantu train. I know I am late, but I had already used Cantu’s regular products before they came out with a natural care line. I loved those products, but I wanted to try new things. Since I am a big fan of deep conditioners, I tried the deep conditioner first. Going in completely blind, I used this deep conditioner, not really expecting much. This deep conditioner is beyond amazing, to say the least! The mask has a buttery but creamy texture, and it slip and glides through thte hair very well. The smell is Cantu’s famous sweet smell; I really can’t describe it, but it’s wonderful. Trust me. I applied the deep conditioner throughout my hair and applied some coconut oil (even though it really didn’t need it, but I apply coconut oil with all deep conditioning treatments.). I loved how it nourished and moisturized my hair. Since I kept it on overnight, I was able to give my hair an intensive treatment. This stuff is pretty heavy duty, but I was okay with that because of the thickness of my hair.

Ratings and Comments:
I was pleasantly surprised at how well this mask worked, especially for the incredibly reasonable price. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good treatment.

I give this product a 5 out of 5.




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