Hicks Total Transformations Hicks Edges Pomade

$14.99/ 4 fl. oz. (Prices vary on where the product is purchased.)
@ Sally’s Beauty, Walmart, Walmart.com, Amazon, and Local Beauty Supply (Also found at other stores)

How it claims to work:
Hicks Total Transformations Hicks Edges holds hair firmly in place with a super shine and without flakiness. Leaves edges looking and feeling shinier and healthier than before. This genuine hair pomade is non-flaky and non-sticky and rinses out easily. Control tapered cuts and nape back area. (Source: hickstotaltransformations.com)

Hicks, as a brand, has really been well known for their edge control. I actually heard that it had been around for a very long time, but I didn’t hear about it until I started my journey of being natural. One thing I hated in past edge controls is the look of it in my hair. Normal edge controls leave the hair really shiny and appears that the product sits on top of the hair. Hicks is totally different. Hicks gives the best slick, without being shiny. I really can’t have a nice bun or up-do without using Hicks. It gives the hair a natural slick look and I just love that. It also does not flake, at all. The only disadvantage that I have seen is that after continuous use, it does leave build up on the hair. Normally, I see build up after using 4+ days straight, which is okay for me because I’ll be close to washing my hair anyway. The build-up can be caused because of a number of things, using Hicks with other products I use in my hair could be causing the build-up. I don’t usually use hicks alone (This includes styling products like leave-in conditioner, curl creams, style gels, etc.). I would use your discretion with trying different products with the edge control to prevent any build-up. A lot of people complain about the price, which is more on the pricey side for an edge control. I would say its totally worth it because of how good of a product it is and how much product you get. I know I buy this at least every 2 months, which is a lot of product. If I were to use it everyday, It’ll probably last roughly a month or longer.

Ratings and Comments:
Absolutely love, definitely would recommend anyone to try this whether they are natural or not. This product is worth every penny and many more. This will be my favorite edge control for a while.

I give this product a 5 out of 5.






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