Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Condish

$11.00/ 8 fl. oz. (Prices vary on where the product is purchased and the size.)
@ Target or Target.com  (Also found at other stores)

How it claims to work:

Leave-In Condish™ is Miss Jessie’s lightweight leave-in conditioner and detangler that acts as the ultimate frizz fighter and moisturizer for every type of curl. But Leave-In Condish™ does more! Leave-In Condish™ is also an essential styling “prep” that coats your curls and locks in an extra layer of moisture protection before you apply your favorite Miss Jessie’s styler(s). Leave-In Condish™ will leave your curls super shiny and uber soft without any ugly oil build up. Styling is so simple. Instructions for use: Squeeze a quarter-size dollop of Leave-In Condish™ into palm, and apply it section by section to damp (not wet) hair. Then, comb or finger rake through for extra detangling and add your favorite Miss Jessie’s curl styler. Let curls air dry or for bigger and more dramatic curls, use a hand-held hairdryer with the Miss Jessie’s Defrizz Difusser attachment. To refresh curls, dampen hair and repeat previous steps. (Source: Missjessies.com)


This is the first product I used of Miss Jessie’s products. I would say it is okay of a product. I wasn’t amazed by results or seen a difference in my hair. If you read the review of the Kinky-Curly Knot Today, it mentioned that it was similar to this particular product. The Leave-In Condish smells really clean and fresh (almost a soapy smell) and has a thick consistency.When I was transitioning, I didn’t see any defining of the curls. I probably won’t repurchase it, only because I believe I could find a better leave-in conditioner at a better price. I feel like this product could potentially cause build up because of how it goes onto the hair. It leaves a thick, almost sticky feeling on the hair as well.

Rating and Comments:

An overall “okay” product, didn’t do anything amazing to my hair to make me want to continuously use it. I probably won’t repurchase it for that reason.

I give the product 3 out of 5.





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