OmniPotent Duosity Hair Treatment

$25.00/ 5 fl. oz. (Prices or sizes vary on where the product is purchased.)
@ Birchbox (Also found at other stores)

How it claims to work:
Concentrated 2-part formula whips into a foaming treatment. When the 2 parts combine a chemical reaction occurs and a new potent formula is created to optimally penetrate the hair shaft for maximum results.


I received this product in a CurlKit box for August. I was pretty excited to try it, as I am about any new deep conditioner I come across. My first impression was it was an interesting product, and I had never come across anything like it. It is a duo conditioner, which means it has two separate conditioners and as you squeeze them out the make one, hence the illustration above. Pretty neat, right? I agree if it really works. I applied this as a regular conditioner just to see if I would even need a deep conditioner after using it. As I applied it to my hair, I didn’t feel any immediate difference to my hair. Keep in mind, I am pretty heavy-handed so I made sure I coated the sections evenly. As I started to finish my hair, I was running out of conditioner. Again, I know I am heavy handed, but each conditioner has about 2.5 oz, which adds to be the 5 oz. 5 oz. of conditioner is definitely not enough conditioner to evenly spread on thick, curly hair. Not to mention, my hair didn’t feel any different after applying and rinsing out. If your hair is more on the thin, curly side, you may see better results from this.

Ratings and Comments:
The Omni brand had good potential when they developed this conditioner, but it is not for women who have curly, thick hair. You get a minimal amount of conditioner that barely can be evenly coated throughout the hair. Definitely, wouldn’t repurchase or recommend this product to anyone.

I give this product a 2 out of 5.




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