Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion

$40.00/ 4.2 fl. oz. (Prices or sizes vary on where the product is purchased.)
@, Amazon, Ulta, Sephora (Also found at other stores)

How it claims to work:
Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passé. Here’s age-smoothing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining Rice Starch, cushioned in cream, shows real affinity for rapidly removing sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolorations. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of illumination. Another age-sweeping action: skin-menacing molecules are mopped up. All while Aloe keeps skin calm and comfy. There’s no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. The before-and-afters are amazing. Signs of fine lines and size of pores appear to shrink in size. Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous. And the perk-me-up aromas of Bergamot and Peppermint help you look on the bright side (Source:

This was an impulse buy, to be honest. Can you believe my cheap self purchased this for $40? Well, I did…technically! Ulta was having 20% everything, and I also had some points I could use up, so I said, “Why not?”. I am trying to find ways of getting rid of my hyper-pigmentation and discoloration faster than the topical cremes I am currently using. I can admit, it took me longer to write this review because I wanted to be sure I was 100% honest about the product. If you are going to spend $40, I want you to feel confident that it could work for your skin because I had good results. Although you can return it, who really wants to go through the hassle? I tried this for about a month before writing this review. When I first started, I was really iffy about it. The texture doesn’t come off as abrasive at all, not even a scrub texture. So, as I applied I am thinking, “this is a total rip off”. I left it on longer than I was probably supposed to, but I didn’t immediately feel a tingle. I shower with masks/scrubs on the face all the time, and this mask is definitely not for someone who showers with masks and takes long showers. It will definitely start to have a strong tingling, almost burning sensation if left on too long. I am okay with that, but I don’t think someone with sensitive skin wouldn’t be able to withstand the tingle. I have always believed that dermabrasion is suppose to help with rejuvenation of the skin. I can honestly say this mask really does that for my skin. I really tried this mask to see if I saw any differences in my skin, and I definitely do. I find myself reaching for this mask when I have been lazy with my skincare routine. My skin is very dry or feels dull. This does a great job with plumping the skin back and just giving a fresh start. It gets the bloods flowing, so after using, your skin will appear a little red but it goes away after 5-10 mins. I particularly like it because my pores, definitely disappear. The skin is very plump and tight, which is great for anti-aging purposes.

Ratings and Comments:
This mask is super heavy duty, but gets the job done. Leaves the skin plump and pore-less. I wouldn’t recommend for sensitive skin because the tingling may irritate the skin. Definitely a must have for those days your skin needs a pick-me-up.

I give this product a 5 out of 5.




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