SheaMoisture Inflammatory Therapy Medicated Cleansing Bar

$4.99/ 5 fl. oz. (Prices vary on where the product is purchased.)
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How it claims to work:
This medicated bar soap delivers a gentle cleansing experience while naturally soothing troubled, inflamed skin. Specially formulated with Calendula Extract, an ingredient known as a natural remedy for inflammation, and Neem Oil, an Ayurvedic ingredient known to assist in maintaining healthy skin. Tea Tree Oil assists in reducing redness. Skin is soothed and calm. (Source:

I randomly got a skin rash on my chest. I believe I got a reaction to another body wash I was using. The area was super itchy and red with small bumps. I never get skin rashes so I really didn’t want to use anything to cure it. Naturally, I use hydrocortisone cream to cure any rashes or anything that itches. The cream was working but not well enough, and it needed something else to help. I went into CVS and came across this while looking for calamine lotion. I never heard of the soap before and I have always been a huge fan of SheaMoisture products, so I took a leap of faith in trying it. I am also not a fan of bar soaps because I always believed they carried bacteria. But I took a gamble and tried it anyway. I used this every day when I showered along with the hydrocortisone cream. I was free of the rash within days. I visibly saw a reduction in the redness of the rash immediately after using it. There was also no fragrance to the soap. I recommend that you do not use anything with a fragrance when dealing with a rash. Sometimes, fragrances can cause rashes to get worse.

Ratings and Comments:
If I ever am in need of something to get rid of a rash or my skin is in a sensitive state, I can rely on this soap to help and nourish my skin the right way. Get for sensitive skin, even if there is no rash on the skin. It is good at preventing skin infections and keep skin at a neutral state.

I give this product a 5 out of 5.




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