SheaMoisture Peace Rose Complex Shampoo and Conditioner

$10.99/ 10.3 fl. oz. (Prices vary on where the product is purchased.)
@ Target and (Also may be found at other stores)

How it claims to work:
Instantly soften and detangle hair with this nourishing conditioner infused with the mood-elevating romantic essence of roses. Certified organic Shea Butter blends with our proprietary Peace Rose Oil Complex in a nourishing formula that softens and conditions hair fibers, leaving hair smooth and shiny. Date Palm and Camellia Leaf Extracts help protect delicate hair. (Source:

This is the latest line of SheaMoisture products I have tried, and I believe this is one of their newest lines. I really was curious when I seen this in Target. I have read that rose oil and water are very good with moisture retention. With my hair now being colored, I struggle with keeping my hair moisturized. It tends to stay dry more than if I hadn’t colored it. From just reading the bottles, “Hydrates and Softens for Dry, Brittle hair”, I am instantly intrigued. I buy them and use them that day. I still have may be one or two uses left of each, and I have used it three times now. I will have to say that these are my favorite from SheaMoisture. I have used the most popular SheaMoisture lines, Raw Shea and Coconut & Hibiscus, and I still LOVE this more. It really softens my hair and detangles it so well, almost enough for me not to deep condition. The shampoo really cleanses well, and the conditioner moisturizes the hair very well. I wish there was a deep conditioner with this line, I believe I would absolutely love that too. The smell is pure roses, very floral. I think these products are great for someone who is transitioning because it will make it easier to manage the hair. These products really makes my hair manageable even before deep conditioning.

Ratings and Comments:
I absolutely love this set. I have no bad comments and would recommend this to anyone. Great for anyone who are starting out and transitioning or even someone who has been natural for years.

I give each product a rating of 5 out of 5.






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