The Curl Smiler

$24.99/ 4 fl. oz.


How it claims to work:
For ALL curl types but especially formulated for us 4C girls that need that extra, long lasting moisture. The Curl Smiler will give great definition to styles such as twist outs, wash-n-go’s, bantu knots, braid outs, and more. The Curl Smiler can even reduce shrinkage. Your hair will be so beautiful! You may even think it NEVER looked this amazing before!!

NO Alcohol NO Mineral Oil NO Paraben NO Silicones NO Petroleum


I had my eye on this product for a while, but it took me a while to purchase it mainly because of the price. I eventually purchased it when it went on sale for $14.00. The owner personally whips up ingredients to formulate this leave-in curl butter. I love that the owner is so passionate about her product and serving her customers. She genuinely wants to help black women with their hair, which was another reason why I wanted to support her business. The consistency of the butter is a very thick butter, not very creamy. I tried this on two separate occasions to give a good review of the product. I rolled my hair the first time. And the second time, I did a twist out. This stuff is SERIOUS. I felt the moisture in my hair days after applying. I was quite heavy headed, so it kept my hair moisturized until I washed it again. I applied it while it was wet, which makes it tricky when applying.  You tend to apply more because your hair feels that it needs it, but each time I applied too much. Although, my hair still wasn’t greasy at all. I think if you want to prevent from applying too much, it would be best to apply to dry hair. The smell reminds me of bubblegum. It’s not too strong, and it disappears after a couple days. I love that it’s very weightless, definitely not heavy on the hair. I found this pretty surprising because the thickness of the butter could normally cause it to be very heavy on the hair. My curls were still fluffy as the days went by.

Ratings and Comments:
A great all around leave-in butter to replenish and keep moisture in the hair. I would totally recommend this product to anyone, especially transitioners. I would have loved this product as a transitioner because of the differences in textures. No products could really replenish moisture to my hair. This product would have done the job flawlessly.

I give this product a 5 out of 5.




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