“So as most of you know, SheaMoisture was under fire a few months ago for airing a commercial that didn’t represent the demographic that supported the brand from the BEGINNING. But even before then, I noticed that either my hair was changing (which is very possible), or SheaMoisture was changing the formula of their products.

I wasn’t like most naturalistas when they started out in the natural hair world. Most naturalistas started using SheaMoisture products at the beginning of their journey. It took me a while to spend the money on SheaMoisture. SheaMoisture was still expensive to me. Although now, it is one of the cheapest of the natural hair care brands. When I did try SheaMoisture, the consistency and texture were definitely different than it is now. I remember using the Coconut & Hibiscus conditioner before they added pumps to their conditioners. I swear it took forever to get that thick stuff out of that bottle. Now it comes out of a pump like the Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo can. Although that may not be a big difference for you, SheaMoisture’s conditioners have always been top notch and the thickness was something that helped with the conditioner’s slip for me. So when I recently tried the conditioner, it really did nothing for my hair. Matter fact, the entire Coconut & Hibiscus line felt different. So maybe they aren’t “changing their formula”, I should try their new product lines and see if something else works for my hair. It also could be my hair changing, as hair does that over time.

I didn’t want to doubt SheaMoisutre. So maybe they aren’t “changing their formula”, I should try their new product lines and see if something else works for my hair. It also could be my hair changing, as hair does that over time.

I recently tried the shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner from their newest line: Bamboo Extract & Maca Root. I purchased it from Ulta, and I was super excited that it claims to: “Soften, detangle and moisturize without weighing hair down. Unbreakable Bamboo, stimulating Ba Root and certified organic Shea Butter combine in this nutritive formula that restores manageability, flexibility, and shine to hair so it resists breakage before it starts. Help create an optimal environment for healthy hair growth.”

Sounds awesome right?!

Uh, wrong! I tried it once and the products were sitting on my desk as a REMINDER to review. Now, I am an artist, a creator, a creative (yes, there is a difference). I love to create things when I become inspired or excited about something new that comes to me. This definitely didn’t have me inspired enough to write a review about but in fact, I still haven’t written about it.

But, that is just one product line. There were product lines before, that I really didn’t sit well with way back when like: Raw Shea Butter line. That line really did nothing for my hair, especially the deep conditioner.

I am really giving SheaMoisture the benefit of the doubt. I will say I still have my favorite lines: Peace Rose Oil Complex & Raw Shea Cupuaçu are my ultimate favorites from SheaMoisture. They provide moisture and slip to the hair like no other line of theirs that I have tried. I plan to try them ALL, but they are putting out faster than I can get to them. Which also worries me, because before we were using Coconut & Hibiscus and for years with nothing new from SheaMoisture. Now, it seems they have something out every 2 months.

I really wrote this post to get a general response from my readers on what your opinions were.


Do you think SheaMoisture has changed their formula to provide for other demographics other than black women? 
What do you think SheaMoisture is trying to achieve as a brand now?
Do you think SheaMoisture needs to provide for other demographics?
I would really like to know your answers in the comment section below!
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