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Are you in need of a new way to moisturize and retain moisture to your hair? We are here to tell you about the famous LOC Method and how we put our twist on things. LOC method is for normal and high porosity. If you aren’t sure about what porosity you have or you want to read about porosity, click here to read our post on porosity.

In case you’re wondering, the LOC Method means:

  • L – Leave-in Conditioner
  • O – Oil
  • C – Cream

We mentioned above that if you have normal or high porosity, this method would work better with you. Low porosity have problems with product buildup, and layer products (like in this method) wouldn’t benefit your hair.

Leave-in Conditioners: Pick a leave-in that has a watery base. This leave-in conditioner should be a lightweight conditioner. Some examples are:

Oil: You are using an oil to seal and lock in moisture. You want to use an oil that is nourishing and moisturizing. We have a list of oils and their purposes, here. Some good oils are:

  • Coconut Oil (our favorite)
  • Olive Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Baobab Oil

Cream: Creams are to help prolong and add even more moisture to your hair. This can be a heavier product that deeply penetrates and nourishes the hair.  Examples of creams are:

Remember Curls to correctly achieve this method:

  1. Section your hair to completely saturate your hair with the products
  2. Carefully choose your products. Some can counteract against each other and do the opposite of what you want.
  3. Don’t overuse the method, sometimes too much product is not good. Use this method as need!

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