With the most gratitude, I welcome you to Curls With Attitude! This website has taken long nights, early mornings, and very frustrating, almost giving up moments. I am beyond happy to be able to write this and that you took the time to read it!

I never would have believe that, a small town girl from Mississippi would be able to have an audience as I do on Curls With Attitude. I wanted to be sure that my readers are connected to me on a person level, so I thought it is important to tell my story!

I am a young, 24 year old, just received a Bachelors in Business Administration from Mississippi State University. It doesn’t end there! I am a candidate to receive my Masters of Arts in Teaching, where I will teach math within secondary education.

You might be asking, where does this blog come in? I had the idea in 2014, when I decided to transition my hair to its natural state; It was important that I recorded my journey along the way. Who would have thought, it would be as big as it is now!

I am beyond grateful for all of my readers, and I thank you for your support!


Brooke Williams
Founder & CEO of Curls With Attitude, LLC

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