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Here is a different topic to discuss. All of us have somewhat encountered pads or tampons, which of them are our favorites and so on.

Well I have some new information on them and how they are made. After doing research on several organic sites, there is a such thing as organic pads/tampons. You might be wondering, why would I need an organic tampon?

These are reasons why you should be concerned about what you put down there:

    1. You have to be extremely careful with products and materials that come in contact with your feminine area. Things  you should be careful with:
      • Soaps
      • Deodorants
      • Fragrances
      • Clothing
      • Sex
    2. So why should I be careful?
      • Soaps are often used wash and refresh.
        • Soaps that even “specialize” in feminine areas, but actually do more harm then good. These products can alter the pH of your feminine area, which causes several issues like yeast infections, urinary tract infections, etc.Example products: Summer’s Eve, Vagisil, Monistat, etc.
      • Fragrances are things we LOVE, but they are artificial and bad for overall health, especially feminine health. You are to eliminate these as well. Natural fragrances are excluded from this category.
      • Tight clothing prevents airflow. To prevent other ways to get yeast infections, you should wear breathable pants and undergarments.
      • Sex also is another way to cause issues with the feminine area. Some ways this isn’t preventable, but in majority it is. Cleanliness is essential!
    3. So, where do pads and tampons come in?
      • No one ever takes the time to look at the ingredients on pads/tampons.
      • Did you know that pads/tampons are BLEACHED to appear white?
      • Did you know that FDA does not require Brands to lists ingredients of these products to consumers?
      • Did you know that these pads/tampons contain odor neutralizers and fragrances?


Did I scare you? I hope so.

When I began my research, I had been using Always Infinity. I heard people rave about how absorbent and great they were. I was just reading general reviews and came across this video.

In this video, a blogger demonstrates the burning of the Always Infinity Pad and an organic pad, Natracare.

Someone who really wouldn’t understand, would ask “What does burning a pad show about how healthy a pad is for me?”

Well instantly, I think CHEMICALS and why does it catch on fire like that? With chemicals, they are normally pretty flammable. If you look at cleaning products in your kitchen, they will have cautions that suggest to keep away from fire and/or this product is flammable.

You should not have something that is flammable anywhere near your feminine area.

Now that I have give you the issue, and you are now informed. Is it easily solvable?

        • Most areas don’t have access to organic pads/tampons. For the longest, I didn’t know there was a such thing as an organic pad/tampon. We are just familiar with the brands that are at every store we shop.
        • Research is so important. Find what your preference is.
          • Most women are finding natural alternatives to pads/tampons. We have women who use period panties. Which are what they sound like, panties that absorb.  They are called Thinx. Women are also using menstrual cups. These cups are similar to the concept of tampons, and they actually absorb more and for longer periods of time. The most known menstrual cups are DivaCups.
          • Organic Pads/Tampons: Feel more confident if they list the ingredients of the pad or tampon.
            • Research companies that offer the organic pads/tampons and see if a store near you sells them.
            • Order online. I recently purchased from The Honest Company. They offer tampons and pads. There is an review on the super pads and pantyliners, that you can find here.

Did this inform you of something new?
If so, we would like to know below!
Are you already using organic pads or tampons?
If so, tell us the kind you are using!

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