noun at·ti·tude \ˈa-tə-ˌtüd, -ˌtyüd\
  • : the way you think and feel about someone or something

  • : a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior

Readers are always bored with “About” pages, and I always thought about if I wanted to actually make one. It is important to me, that my readers know what goal I have for Curls with Attitude. With that, the story of how it ALL got started becomes important as well!

Curls with Attitude is a blog universal to anyone, with unique types of hair to explore ways to find products. Well, that how it FIRST got started.

Transitioner’s Journey, my un-released blog, grew into what is now Curls with Attitude. The original purpose was to share my journey of transitioning my hair to its natural state. Since I am a perfectionist, it took way too long for me to fully release my blog to my liking. It took so long even, I wasn’t a transitioner anymore; I became completely natural. So, I felt the blog needed a revamp. With that comes may obstacles like: domain availability, logo design, completely re-organizing the blog to met the new style, and so much more. That is where Curls With Attitude was born!

I didn’t completely redirect the idea from my previous blog to something new. I still incorporated some of the same ideas I wanted on Transitioner’s Journey to Curls With Attitude: reviews of products and beauty tips. The most important aspect about my journey I wanted to blog was product reviews! Being a product junkie, I have tried sooo many products over the years. While I never can find a product review for every product I have tried, I wanted to be that blog everyone comes to, to read product reviews.

Since then, Curls With Attitude has grew into a blog that includes DIYs, News, and much more!

Curls With Attitude has a mission to give authentic product information, relevant news, and useful Do It Yourself projects to its readers ethically, efficiently, and in benefit to its readers. It is important that Curls With Attitude keeps this mission while it continues to grow and become popular.

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